Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps & Compressors

How does it Work?

LRVP’s are rotary displacement pumps operating to a practically isothermal process. The impeller is mounted eccentrically to the axis of the casing and the liquid ring consisting of service liquid circulates concentrically within the axis of the casing. The seal liquid leaves & re-enters the impeller buckets in the manner of a piston. The gas is aspirated into the liquid ring via the suction port from the suction port and is compressed in the liquid ring and discharged via the discharge port into the discharge port.

Air flow versus vacuum level?

“I need more vacuum” Airflow through a filter will result in the required dryness, volume of airflow in an evacuation process will reduce the time to complete the process. Suction pressure is defined as the application of negative pressure to create a movement of air/gas.

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