Vanes for Vacuum Pumps


Part # Vane size Airtec model Material G11Epoxy / glass
02022A 70x18x3.9 L10 G11
03022A 100x18x3.9 L15 G11
722.000.270 100x30x3.9 G11
722.000.300 140x30x3.9 G11
09022A 160x30x3.9 L45 G11
160x40x3.9 L100 G11
900512 170x51x3.9
32022A 180x50x3.9 L160 G11
43022A 240x50x3.9 L215 G11
900506 240x50x3.9
722.000.452 140x52x5.9 G11
50022C 220x52x5.9 L300 G11

Additional information

Vanes for Vacuum Pumps Parts

02022A, 03022A, 722.000.270, 722.000.300, 09022A, 20022A-722.000.360, 900512, 32022A, 900505, 43022A, 900506, 722.000.452, 50022C


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