Vacuum Gauges

Bourdon vacuum gauges are inexpensive and are used to measure pressure reduction from atmosphere. Readings on bourdon gauges are not able to reflect changes in barometric pressure due to altitude changes and allowance must be made if an absolute reading is required.


Our 80 mm bourdon gauge has a unique adjustment which can be adjusted to reflect a reading corrected for altitude approximating the reading of the more expensive capsule gauge. Useful if an absolute reading is required rather than a reduction from atmosphere. An additional pointer on the gauge may be preset at any point on the gauge. This is useful if an operator is required to perform a function at the preset pressure.

Capsule Dial Gauges
Capsule Dial Gauges

Capsule gauges are designed to measure absolute pressure in millibars. Capsule gauges give true vacuum readings independent of atmospheric pressure. Variation of pressure causes deformation of a hermetically sealed capsule. This movement is transferred mechanically to a pointer which indicates the pressure. Capsule gauges are used where true, accurate vacuum readings are required.

GDH 200 Digital Vacuum Gauge

The inexpensive GDH 200 handheld vacuum gauge is a portable battery operated vacuum gauge offering a convenient means of measuring vacuum from 1000 mbar to 1 mbar with an accuracy of 1 mbar. GDH 200 has a clear, easy to read digital display.

Type GDH 200 electronic vacuum gauge is a general purpose vacuum gauge widely used where accuracy and ease of operation are required at a budget price such as in laboratories, vacuum forming, vacuum packaging and wherever mains electricity is not available.No cables, no separate gauge heads!

Thyracont Compact Vacuum Gauges
Thyracont Compact Vacuum Gauges

Thyracont type VD portable compact vacuum gauges offer both mains and battery operation. A wide pressure range of 1600 mbars to 5 X 10-4 mbars can be measured with great accuracy. Readings are via a large easy to read digital display which can be activated to read continuously or to switch off after thirty seconds saving battery life.

VD gauges are available with either an internal or external sensor. This option allows a ‘cable free’ Installation. The gauge may even be placed within the vacuum chamber if a viewing port is available. The vacuum within the chamber may be measured without connecting the gauge externally.

VD gauges may be supplied with an infra red interface and can be used as a data logger for recording and plotting pump down graphs using windows software.

  • Handy and user friendly
  • Remarkable reproducibility
  • Temperature compensated Pirani sensor
  • Long battery life up to 1000 hours
  • Pressure units mbar, Torr, and hpa
  • Easy push button readjustment
  • Battery saving ‘auto off‘ mode

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Vacuum Gauges

Capsule Dial Gauges, GDH 200 Digital Vacuum Gauge


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