Vacuum Degassing Chambers

To produce quality resin castings and defect free silicone moulds, the air that is trapped in the resin or silicone must be removed. Bubbles that are trapped in the material will produce unsightly defects and affect the strength of the casting. A bubble on the surface of a silicone mould will reproduce on the casting as a cavity or as a raised defect which is difficult and time consuming to repair.

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Exposing the resin or silicone to high vacuum in our Speedivac degassing chamber will enable the trapped gases to expand and release from the resin. A clear acrylic lid allows the process to be monitored. Watch as the resin bubbles and boils as the trapped gases are released. Degassing in the Speedivac chamber virtually eliminates defects and rejects in castings and moulds saving you time and money.

Electrical components may be encapsulated in resin under vacuum. The product will have better electrical properties and encapsulation will permanently safeguard your circuit secrets in a clear bubble free resin. The Speedivac degassing chamber may be used as a moisture free vacuum storage unit. Sensitive materials such as medical supplies or sutures will maintain their pristine condition and last longer if stored under vacuum.

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  • Highly efficient bubble removal.
  • Superior 99 % final vacuum for best results.
  • Eliminates mold defects in silicone.
  • Eliminates casting defects.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Fast two minute cycle for greater productivity.
  • Clear acrylic lid enables the process to be monitored.
  • May be used as a vacuum pumping station.
  • May be used for moisture free vacuum storage.


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