Mechanical Steel Degassing

Our vacuum systems for mechanical steel degassing have been successfully applied to many secondary metallurgy processes at customers’ production facilities around the world. With the proven modular system design we enable degassing and decarburising melt sizes up to 200 tonnes in electric steelmaking facilities. Our leading market position as a vacuum supplier for steel degassing is built on our understanding of customers’ processes and expertise in providing vacuum solutions for vacuum degassing (VD), vacuum oxygen decarburising (VOD) and Ruhrstahl Heraeus (RH) processes. We have additionally developed a super degasser module to address the high-volume flow rates needed to successfully degas and decarburise steel products, using multiple high volumetric flow boosters in parallel to handle the gas loads produced, while optimising the total number of system elements required.

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Our mechanical steel degassing solutions can guarantee faster return on investment and lower energy costs than more traditional steam injectors. Our trusted, proven technology can be configured to your process and offers high productivity and low cost of ownership. Allow Process Vacuum to be your partner throughout the journey and cater for all your requirements from a single source.

  • Secondary steel processes involving vacuum degassing have been in use since the mid 1920s. First with mechanical systems in small scale and then using steam ejectors.
  • Manufacturing Drivers where mechanical systems offer a benefit over steam ejectors:
    • Reduced power consumption – more than 90% saving
    • Increase in productivity of the steel plant – on demand vacuum
    • Savings on primary fuel energy and utilities – zero gas/oil; significantly reduced water consumption
    • Consistent steel quality from heat to heat – same vacuum level every time
    • Production of ultra clean steel – better final vacuum level than steam
    • Development of new steel qualities – lower H2
    • Low maintenance cost – designed to need annual service only
    • Improved co-ordination of all units involved in the production sequence – on demand vacuum always available
    • Better working conditions for the operating personnel – no ejector cleaning


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