Mechanical Booster

Mechanical vacuum boosters are ‘Roots’ type positive displacement blowers intended for use with a backing vacuum pump. Mechanical boosters provide high pumping speed and superior final vacuum from a compact pump set.

Mechanical Boosters have a pressure bypass valve which enables the booster to be started at atmospheric pressure. The bypass valve reduces the need for pressure switches and provides faster pump down cycles. A magnetic drive between the motor and pump ensures progressive power transmission and eliminates the need for shaft seals and oil leaks associated with shaft seals.

Model MB 500, MB1200 & MB2600

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Model Pumping speed Backing pump Motor KW Rotational speed RPM @ 50 Hz
MB500 500 m3 ph L 100 / L 160 2.2 2800
MB1200 1200 m3 ph L 300 / L 400 4.0 2800
MB2600 2600 m3 ph L 400 / L 600 9.0 2800

Model features

  • Pump down times reduced by 50%
  • Magnetic drive eliminates oil seals – no oil leaks
  • Operates over the full pressure range
  • No pressure sensors required
  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Direct drive, no belts
  • Backing port vertical or horizontal
  • Large oil level sight glass

Additional information

Mechanical Booster Models

MB500, MB1200, MB2600


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