Lubricated Rotary Vane Pumps

Airtec vacuum pumps are robust, single stage industrial vacuum pumps suitable for all applications requiring consistently good ultimate vacuum. They incorporate the best features of the German made Busch vacuum pumps. Component parts are interchangeable with Busch pumps at much reduced prices.

  • Models L10 & L20
  • Models L30 & L45
  • Models L65 & L100
  • Models L160 & L215
  • Model L300
  • Model L400 & L600
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Popular applications for Airtec vacuum pumps are :

  • Transformer processing
  • Hospital central vacuum systems
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation
  • Oil purification
  • Vacuum forming
  • Machining hold down operations
  • Resin infusion moulding

Airtec vacuum pumps are air cooled resulting in huge savings on water bills. Direct drive has eliminated unreliable drive belts.  This improves reliability and reduces maintenance and results in quiet unobtrusive operation.

All lubricated vacuum pumps produce large volumes of oil mist from the exhaust. Airtec has overcome this problem by fitting an efficient oil recovery system in the pump which recovers 99.8 % of the oil normally discharged by the exhaust. This oil is returned to the vacuum pump to be reused thereby eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. The need for exhaust piping is also eliminated resulting in a simpler installation.

Airtec’s advanced design offers you many benefits :

  • Reliable and durable operation
  • Simple installation without the need for water cooling
  • High ultimate vacuum of 0.5 millibars
  • Anti suck back valve in the pump inlet
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • No pollution in the working environment

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L10, L20, L30, L45, L65, L100, L160, L215, L300, L400, L600


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