Dry Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

Dry rotary vane pumps provide clean, dry maintenance free vacuum. Speedivac dry pumps are supplied complete with an inlet filter, vacuum regulator, vacuum gauge and exhaust silencer. Dry pumps are an alternative to lubricated rotary vane pumps in applications such as resin infusion moulding, central vacuum, vacuum packaging or where clean, dry vacuum is required with a minimum of maintenance.

Dry rotary vane pumps are widely used in the printing industry where both vacuum and pressure are required in one unit. One pump provides vacuum, the other provides pressure.

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Models WVS

Model m3 ph KW RPM Final vacuum Weight Oil
WVS 3 14 0.4 1400 200  mbar 21 Kg No oil
WVS 5 24 0.75 1400 200  mbar 33 Kg No oil
WVS 6 34 1.5 1400 200  mbar 44 Kg No oil
WVS 8 56 1.5 6pl 945 200  mbar 73 Kg No oil
WVS 9 65 2.2 6pl 945 200  mbar 97 Kg No oil

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WVS Models

WVS 3, WVS 5, WVS 6, WVS 8, WVS 9


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