Chemical Dry Pumps

Process Vacuum offers a complete solution in Chemical Dry Pumps.

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Chemical Dry Pumps are innovative solutions for vacuum pumping applications in the chemical process industries. Engineered to be an energy efficient alternative to steam ejectors, dry pumps offer reduced energy costs, high rates of reliability and easy maintenance. We offer a complete solution, not only pumps but a fully engineered vacuum system that can be customized for specialized uses and situations. Chemical dry pumps boast higher pumping speeds, lower ultimate vacuum, minimal maintenance and lower environmental impact, making them the ideal choice for most industrial vacuum applications. Our dry pump solutions are Industry proven, specifically designed and rigorously tested for both safety and reliability.

  • Dry pump capacities 80 – 1000 m3 / hr without boosters
  • Operating pressure below 1 mbara
  • Mechanical booster capacities 250 – 3000 m3 /hr
  • Boosters most efficient in the range 1 to 100 –2 mbara
  • Patented three stage claw design
  • Shortest possible gas path
  • No interstage coolers
  • Robust vertical design
  • Hydrokinetic drive on mechanical boosters means continuous operation without problems
  • CDX 1000 – the dry pump designed for the real world. A unique screw design. Please contact us for more technical information !


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