Automatic Ladle Gas Coupling System

Directly connecting gas lines to the ladle in the steel industry can be an extremely dangerous job; Because of this, Process Vacuum supplies automatic coupling systems where a funnel is fixed to the ladle and an automatic extender rod is fixed to the ladle car. This solution is specifically designed to ensure the safety of employees and effectively minimises risk of injury while also making parts of the system more robust. The system allows for the gas to be opened from the control room and means that no personal contact with the gas system is necessary. Additionally, the system has no electrically operated components and is controlled by pressure alone.

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The Automatic Ladle Gas Coupling System is a big step towards ensuring the safety of steel foundry employees.

The Automatic Ladle Gas Coupling System is used in the following areas of steel mills.

  • Ladle treatment and deslaging station
  • Ladle transfer cars and ladle turrets
  • Vacuum tanks

These systems are: “Mill-worthy”

  • Eliminates operator fatigue, enhancing consistency and repeatability
  • Reliable in harmful environment, efficient gas use


  • Provides safety for operators, he is not in the danger area. No risk of burn injuries with slag or hot metal.


  • These systems are: “Mill-worthy”


  • Provides rapid connection to minimize the gas purging interruption.


  • Predetermined breaking point protects the machinery. Quick exchange of “break-away” part


  • Large coupling tolerance

Protected position

  • System is protected from harmful environment


  • Repeatable process

Mechanical Steel degassing


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