Automatic Ladle Gas Coupling System

Automatic Ladle Gas Coupling System

The Automatic Ladle Gas Coupling System is used in the following areas of steel mills.

  • Ladle treatment and deslaging station
  • Ladle transfer cars and ladle turrets
  • Vacuum tanks

These systems are: “Mill-worthy”

  • Eliminates operator fatigue, enhancing consistency and repeatability
  • Reliable in harmful environment, efficient gas use


  • Provides safety for operators, he is not in the danger area. No risk of burn injuries with slag or hot metal.


  • These systems are: “Mill-worthy”


  • Provides rapid connection to minimize the gas purging interruption.


  • Predetermined breaking point protects the machinery. Quick exchange of “break-away” part


  • Large coupling tolerance

Protected position

  • System is protected from harmful environment


  • Repeatable process

Mechanical Steel degassing

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