Automatic Ladle Gas Coupling System

The main purpose of gas coupling systems is to connect the stirring gas automatically by placing the ladle on the ladle car or on the ladle land.

How It Works

The automatic ladle gas coupling system consists of a lower section which is installed on the ladle car and the upper section which is fixed on each handle. By placing the handle on its station via crane, the upper and lower parts are pressed together and the stirring gas supply is connected automatically.


The application of the system safeguards the supply of the stirring-gas to the ladle automatically without the need of any personnel for coupling hoses of the supply source.

The system can be used for:

  • Ladle furnace, teeming ladle during taping from converter
  • Ladle stirring station
  • Ladle turret on continuous casting machine
  • Deslagging-station, tailor made for any customer needs

Important Aspects These systems are Mill Worthy; they are reliable in harmful environments. They provide safety for operators; they also provide rapid connection to minimize the gas purging interruption. The system is repeatable so it’s usage by the customer is constant.

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