Busch Pumps Continue to Lead the Way in Innovation

Businesses around the world look to Busch for innovation in the vacuum pump industry. Many companies are dependent on Busch to provide them with the vacuum pump technology needed to operate effectively and competitively in the global economy. This world leader in vacuum pump technology is registered with ISO 9001-2000 and has always illustrated their […]

Becker Leads the Way Forward in Vacuum Pump Innovation

Companies from all economic sectors around the world depend on and trust Becker to provide them with the best quality vacuum pump technology available on the market. This industry leader is known around the world for its uncompromising commitment to cutting-edge innovation and exceptional quality. Becker is known for producing a variety of vacuum pumps […]

The Impact of Roots Blowers on Air Compression Innovation Over the Years

With a history dating back to the 1900s, the roots blower is the oldest type of supercharger in the world. Its first application was as part of an industrial air moving device, but its use has evolved greatly over the decades. Today, this technology has undergone drastic changes to become an efficient and incredibly quiet […]

Rotary Vane Pumps’ Popularity in South Africa and Their Positive Impact on Industry

Countless industries in South Africa are dependent on a continuous influx of quality rotary vane pumps into the marketplace, in order to meet their business processes and demands. There are many reasons behind the continued popularity of these pumps in the economy, not least because of their low initial investment cost. Let’s first take a […]

Investing in Bekker and Other Leading Vacuum Pumps in South Africa

Vacuum pumps and related systems are essential technologies developed for maintaining the required levels of pressure in a system. Many people are surprised to learn in just how many systems and applications vacuum pumps are used, from the domestic home all the way through to use in industrial complexes and applications. Leaders in the manufacture […]

Why a Busch Vacuum Pump is one of the Best Options

Those in search of quality and durable vacuum pumps should take notice of the excellent Busch range of pumps available in South Africa. Busch vacuum pumps have been in demand for many years, as this industry leader has secured its place as one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum pump technology. Their product line includes […]

Leading Vacuum System Technology from Process Vacuum

Vacuum pumps perform an important role in many different applications, from home appliances to industrial machinery. The vacuum system pumps gas or other liquids out of an area, leaving behind a partial vacuum. The amount of vacuum produced, the flow of air removal and the power that is needed to produce the actual vacuum are […]

The Uses and Benefits of Vacuum Pump Technology

Vacuum pumps are important for maintaining the correct pressure levels in a system. These pumps are used in many different applications in various environments, from the home to larger industrial applications. Its importance in many sectors of the economy and society cannot be underscored enough, without this crucial technology you would not be able to […]

Protect Your Workers with Cutting-edge Oil Mist Filters

Workers in manufacturing plants are especially susceptible to the effects of oil mist. Manufacturing environments that use oil-based cutting fluids have a responsibility towards their staff to negate the effects of oil mist as much as possible. Machines and equipment, such as centreless and surface grinders, CNC machines and screw machines produce a fine oil […]

Chemical Dry Pump Technology for Applications in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

Process Vacuum provides state-of-the-art, high-tech and advanced vacuum systems according to client requirements. Our product range is extensive and ranges from chemical pump solutions to liquid ring vacuum pumps, steam ejectors and mechanical boosters. We offer essential services to industry including vacuum pump repairs and word-class training, in addition to testing services. We are an […]

What are Some of the Most Common Types of Vacuum Pump Systems?

Whenever manufacturers develop products that need vacuum pumps, these manufacturers frequently opt to source these pumps externally. Although there are various different options, when it comes to choosing vacuum pumps, they frequently opt for one of six common vacuum pump options. Each variety of pump offers unique capabilities, which are based on either power or […]

Different Applications for Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pump technology is an essential ingredient in many industries, in order for companies to be able to meet the demands of their sectors. The ruggedness and versatility of the liquid ring vacuum pump makes it an ideal choice for many applications, including: Petrochemical applications; Power generation equipment; Seawater de-aeration; Food production; Pharmaceutical; and Ground […]

Investing in the Correct Vacuum Pump for Your Business

With so many different vacuum pumps available on the market, how can you be sure that you choose the right unit for your needs? One strategy to follow is to partner with a leading supplier of great quality and world leading brands of vacuum pumps in South Africa. These machines are used to remove gas […]

Identifying Problems with Vacuum Pumps Before it Becomes an Emergency

Vacuum pumps are used in countless industries across various sectors, to help companies achieve their business processes. Even though these pumps are incredibly durable, this heavy equipment may experience problems from time to time, and need professional repair. Being able to identify potential problems and troubleshoot vacuum pumps before they pack up, can be the […]

Trust Process Vacuum for Expert Vacuum Pump Repair in Gauteng

Having a partner in the vacuum repair industry is crucial for any business’s sustained and continued business operations. If you are looking for an expert in the industry, then you have come to the right place. Process Vacuum offers timely, experienced servicing of vacuum pumps that will make sure your units are always running optimally. […]

Getting to Grips with Different Types of Vacuum Systems in Gauteng

Getting to Grips with Different Types of Vacuum Systems in Gauteng Vacuum systems are used to help maintain the proper level of pressure in machinery and in countless applications in various environments. These environments can range from industrial complexes to domestic applications. Since liquid cannot be pulled, suction cannot be used to create a vacuum. […]

Vacuum Pump System

The Uses of Different Vacuum Pump Systems Vacuum pump systems are needed in order to maintain the correct level of pressure in a system. This technology is used in many different applications in various operating environments – from the domestic home to larger industrial complexes. The principles, which guide how vacuum pump systems work, are […]

Keeping Up with Chemical Pump Maintenance

Chemical pumps form an integral and important part of any chemical plant. These pumps are tasked with operating reliably at all times in order to avoid disastrous and expensive downtime. Often,chemicals pumps need to work around the clock while at the same time handling various difficult and corrosive materials. It’s because of this, among many […]

Getting to Grips with the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

With so many types of different vacuum pumps on the market today, why should you opt for a liquid ring vacuum pump? There are many reasons why this pump remains one of the most used vacuum pumps in the world today. It forms part of the rotating displacement pump family. It is available at affordable […]

The Many Different Vacuum Systems

Many industries are dependent on cutting edge vacuum systems to operate effectively and profitably and to meet all the challenges of their industry. Thanks to recent advancements in the industry many more options have entered the market. Keeping abreast with the latest developments in vacuum systems will help you to stay ahead of the competition […]

What You Should Know About the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

There are at present so many different types of vacuum pumps currently on the market, so what makes the liquid ring vacuum pump stand out from all the rest? There are many reasons why this vacuum pump remains one of the most widely used pumps available on the market. This type of vacuum pump forms […]

Pumps and Tailored Vacuum Solutions for Pretoria

The wide variety of forms in which vacuum pumps and the systems that incorporate them are available in Pretoria and across the country may seem almost as numerous as the applications for which they may be used. Simply defined as an apparatus for mechanically extracting gas molecules from a sealed space so as to create […]

Are You Looking for a Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for Sale in Pretoria?

Process Vacuum offers the world’s leading brands of liquid ring vacuum pump for sale in Pretoria and other locations across South Africa’s Gauteng province. Although it is the smallest of the nation’s nine provinces, it is also home to the bulk of its heavy industry of which the Jacaranda city and neighbouring Johannesburg can, between […]

Offering Expert Vacuum Pump Repair Services to Gauteng Users

If, like so many Gauteng industries, some pivotal part of your operation depends upon a working vacuum pump then access to a reliable repair service, specialising in this type of equipment could prove crucial. One company serving this need within the province and that is widely recognised for its expertise in this field is Process […]

Chemical Dry Pump Uses – A Closer Look at CXS

We offer an extensive range of products for use in industrial applications including chemical dry pumps. Our vacuum solutions are tailored to your specific application requirements and as such we offer from liquid ring vacuum pumps to steam injectors, chemical dry pumps and mechanical boosters. Whether you need a brand new pump or need assistance […]

Liquid Ring Vacuum Applications in Industry

As a distributor of top brands, including the well-known Edwards UK, we offer an extensive range of liquid ring vacuum pumps to various industries in South Africa. Some of the Edwards UK products are briefly discussed below to give you an indication of the extensive range of liquid ring vacuum applications available. The liquid ring […]

What is a Chemical Dry Pump?

The chemical dry pump industry plays an important role in the industrial and mining sectors in South Africa, being required for various important tasks and functions. A chemical pump is a device designed specifically to move fluids, by displacing chemicals even by physical or mechanical action. A common misconception about this technology is that the […]

Different Types of Vacuum Systems and Pumps

Any professional in the vacuum system industry will know that there are different types of vacuum products for different industries, uses and applications. Vacuum systems and pumps are required for maintaining the correct level of pressure in a system. It is used in many different applications in a lot of different environments, from large industrial […]